Are Floor Lamps Out of Style?

Floor lamps are a must-have for every living room. They add height to the space, can serve as focal points with a striking design, and can be easily modified to create a reading nook or ambient lighting. However, lately it seems like these fixtures are getting lost in the shuffle with sconces. Sconces are becoming the newest must-have in interior decor, but this doesn’t mean floor lamps have lost their charm.

Whether it’s a midcentury-inspired arc lamp or a pharmacy style covered in mossy velvet, there’s a floor lamp out there to suit every interior scheme. The best part is, these stand-alone pieces can have a bigger impact on the space than you might think. They’re like illuminating sculptures, after all.

They’re also often the perfect finishing touch to a space, serving as “the jewelry to the room,” says designer Lauren Ashley Allan. And with more plug-in options than ever before, choosing the right floor lamp doesn’t have to be complicated.

Unlike table and desk lamps, which direct light outwards, floor lamps direct light downward, making them ideal for directional task lighting. This is especially helpful in rooms without overhead lights or for those who want to limit glare and eyestrain while reading or watching TV. They can also offer a more expansive distribution of light than sconces, which are often limited to a single location.

But more than anything else, they’re a great solution for accent lighting and a beautiful way to show off your personal aesthetic. With a wide range of finishes, fabrics and shapes, these versatile beauties can complement any kind of design theme—from traditional and neoclassical to contemporary and minimalist.

With their clean lines, metallic accents and industrial black finish, Rejuvenation’s Bruno floor lamp is a stylish statement piece that works in a variety of living spaces—whether you prefer a classic neoclassical or modern aesthetic. Its small base and five-foot cord make it easy to fit in tight spaces, while its adjustable shade can be adjusted to your reading nook or to highlight artwork or other decor on your wall.

In this modern living room, an industrial-style floor lamp serves as a conversation piece with its exposed metal frame and barrel shade. It’s an interesting counterpoint to the softer lines of the couch, a classic sofa by Anthropologie, which is upholstered in a luscious moss-colored fabric.

When selecting a floor lamp, consider its height and function first. A taller lamp will likely provide more ambient light than a shorter model, and it’s also easier to set up in rooms with low ceilings. Look for options with a built-in table or shelves to hold a book, drink or remote. And don’t be afraid to play with shape—there are tons of fun lamp styles available these days, from traditional torchieres and stick lamps to ones shaped like industrial tripods or trees for a more unique look.