What Are the Furniture Trends for 2020?

what are the furniture trends for 2020

What are the furniture trends for 2020?

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your next decorating project, or just need to know what to expect when buying new furniture, it’s important to understand what will be in style this year. With a little help from interior design experts, you’ll be able to put together a look that’s unique and fresh for your home in 2020.

Color and materials

As the world around us continues to evolve, we’re seeing a movement towards more natural, earthy elements in our homes. This trend is often paired with a more minimalist approach, with clean lines and neutral colors to create an airy space that’s calm and relaxing.

A key trend in this area is embracing the natural elements of wood and metal as well as the use of sustainable fabrics. For example, IKEA’s catalogue for 2022 features a lot of products that are made from bamboo and cane, which makes them environmentally friendly.

Organic shapes and curved furniture are another key trend in this space, as they’re naturally pleasing to the eye. Plus, curved pieces are easy to navigate and add a touch of calm and relaxation to any room.

Art-deco inspired furniture and accents is also a big trend, as it’s an elegant way to incorporate geometric designs into your space. Rather than using these designs as a focal point, consider incorporating them into smaller accent pieces to keep the design from getting too over-the-top.

Archival patterns are another upcoming trend that’s becoming more popular with homeowners. This includes reclaimed wood and patterned fabrics, as well as modernized patterns that are reminiscent of vintage styles.

One thing to remember about this trend is that it doesn’t mean you have to replace your existing decor to achieve it. Instead, you can add some of these new designs to your existing furniture and it will look completely different than it did before.

The same goes for mixing metallic finishes. Whether it’s silver, gold or copper, you can mix them with more neutral metals like iron, bronze or black. But be careful not to go too crazy and overpower your room with multiple metals!

Animal prints are also a trend that’s set to continue this year. This trend isn’t necessarily a return to faux fur pillows or cowhide rugs, but rather, realistic animal skins that will make any room look luxurious and sophisticated.

If you’re in the market for a new couch, this trend is definitely something to consider. For example, Italian design brand Arflex is releasing an updated version of their Mario Marenco model, which will be available in a three-seater, two-seater and pouf, so you can really tailor your seating plan to your space’s needs and preferences.

Taking a cue from the sea, the calming and soothing color Aqua is making its appearance on interior design trends for 2020. This shade is perfect for a coastal setting and can also be incorporated into more urban-themed spaces.