A Wall Sconce Gallerie Can Elevate Decor and Create Mood

wall sconce gallerie

When it comes to lighting, sconce gallerie can be an easy way to elevate decor and create mood in rooms of all shapes and sizes. And while lamps and overhead fixtures are often the first thing that come to mind, sconces can be just as useful, especially in areas where ceilings are too high for chandeliers or where recessed can lights aren’t an option.

Aside from their aesthetic value, sconces have a few other great qualities that make them worth adding to your home. The right pair can brighten up a hallway, highlight a gallery wall or accentuate a dining area. Plus, they can add an air of elegance to a powder room or even provide soft, intimate lighting in your bedroom.

As the name suggests, sconces are wall-mounted fixtures that used to hold candles or torches but now feature electric light sources. And while they are similar to wall lamps, there are a few key differences that make them unique. For one, sconces typically have a sconce shade or cover that can define the fixture’s style, limit how much light it emits and even alter its direction.

For example, a simple wicker shade on this sconce would complement any number of decor styles, while a more elaborate design could be a statement piece in its own right. Another option for a modern home, this sconce features a hand-forged iron frame and antique brass finish that gives it a refined, yet rustic feel. And its wide shade perfectly illuminates paintings, canvas art and wall decor to showcase their beauty.

The shape of a sconce can also have a big impact on its look and function. For a more elegant, sophisticated fixture, consider this ornate sconce featuring fluted glass that casts its light in a calming array effect. It’s available in a 1-light size for smaller spaces or in a 2-light version that doubles the glow.

Candle sconces are an excellent option for a romantic atmosphere, and this model is no exception. Its intricate details, including a hand-carved brass band and hand-applied gold leaf finish, are truly captivating. But keep in mind that these sconces will typically emit less light than other types of sconces, so they are best as a secondary source of illumination.

Another popular type of sconce is the picture light, which helps a room feel warm and inviting with its soft, accent lighting. Havenly lead designer Toussaint Derby loves this option because it “directs a small amount of light to a painting or photo and doesn’t interfere or create glare.”

The last type of sconce that we’ll mention here is the sign sconce, which has been popular in commercial applications but is now gaining traction in private residences as well. Resembling the lanterns of old, this sconce is ideal for illuminating signs and posters on walls or in doors, and it can be found both indoor and outdoor.